I know things and you're wrong

Michelle Vaughan


hand-set letterpress print on paper
9 x 12 inches
Edition: 25 of 125
Provenance: THEODORE:Art
Acquired: 2014


I KNOW THINGS AND YOU’RE WRONG was conceived by two know–it–all internet junkies on a downtown rooftop. The IRL banter soon became a conversation on Twitter and then a challenge being issued: could we turn it into a permanent art piece, using vintage letterpress type?

I KNOW THINGS AND YOU’RE WRONG is a sentiment which can come from either the winner or the loser of any debate, and something most of us would love to say on many occasions, if we could get away with it. Rendered permanent on heavyweight paper stock, it becomes a physical reminder of the vacuousness of the internet. The Gothic wood block type originally came from the Baltimore Police Department, and the edition was created at The Arm in Brooklyn, November 2014.

(Description from THEODORE:Art)