Featured Works

Adam Ames, Inappropriate Desire
Adam Ames
Alejandro Diaz, Esta Galeria (from an ongoing series of cardboard signs)
Alejandro Diaz
Alex Goss, YouScrew
Alex Goss
Amy Feldman, Wrapper
Amy Feldman
Amy Feldman, Puff
Amy Feldman
Anne Sherwood Pundyk, KUTVP
Anne Sherwood Pundyk
Artie Vierkant, Untitled
Artie Vierkant
Ben Godward, Studio cup (eternal flame)
Ben Godward
Ben Godward, Lottery 9: black cloud with color samples
Ben Godward
Bruce High Quality Foundation, L'eau de Vie, un film de Jean-Luc Godard
Bruce High Quality Foundation
Carl Ferrero, Revolt
Carl Ferrero
Carol Bove, Untitled
Carol Bove
Cary S. Leibowitz
Cary S. Leibowitz
Christopher Brooks, Untitled
Christopher Brooks
Clarina Bezzola, The Trout
Clarina Bezzola
Daniel Rushton, untitled 10
Daniel Rushton
David Humphrey, The Senses
David Humphrey
David Reed, Maine Color Study #9 (#380)
David Reed
Deborah Kass, Parisian Gertrude Stein
Deborah Kass
Denise Kupferschmidt, Double Dancer
Denise Kupferschmidt
Edie Fake, SRO
Edie Fake
Elizabeth Bonaventura, Untitled, or 2010 Olympic Hopefuls
Elizabeth Bonaventura
Elizabeth Riley, Moving/Still #7
Elizabeth Riley
Eric Doeringer, Lucky DeBellevue
Eric Doeringer
Eric Doeringer, Whitney Museum Stickers
Eric Doeringer
Eric Doeringer, Mike Kelley
Eric Doeringer
Esperanza Mayobre, y dio a luz
Esperanza Mayobre
Esperanza Mayobre, Everybody Knows Cities Are Built to be Destroyed (study)
Esperanza Mayobre
Fabian Marcaccio, Remix, 661 Conjectures For A New Paint Management
Fabian Marcaccio
Federico Solmi, Was a BMW
Federico Solmi
Gail Thacker, Ladies & Gentlemen, President of the United States Shelley Marlow
Gail Thacker
Gelitin, Tantamount (clock)
Gregory Botts, Comic Sublime #3
Gregory Botts
Guy Richards Smit, Hard Worker
Guy Richards Smit
Halsey Hathaway, Untitled
Halsey Hathaway
Hiroshi Sunairi, EH-Putti
Hiroshi Sunairi
Ian Swanson, SSFNG
Ian Swanson
Jacqueline Reem Salloum
Jacqueline Reem Salloum
Jaishri Abichandani, Zeena Divani
Jaishri Abichandani
James Esber, Untitled (red flower)
James Esber
James Reeder, Stone Wall
James Reeder
James Wagner, untitled (pork)
James Wagner
Jason Hanasik, Navy
Jason Hanasik
Jeffrey Hargrave, Sky Blue Aunt Jemima
Jeffrey Hargrave
Jeffrey Hargrave, Dat Bitch Got Eye's On Da' Side Of Her Head's
Jeffrey Hargrave
Jeffrey Hargrave, Sotheby's Lot 73, Crazy Coon Painting
Jeffrey Hargrave
Jeffrey Hargrave, Knife
Jeffrey Hargrave
Jeffrey Hargrave, Computer Blue
Jeffrey Hargrave
Jennifer Bolande, Semi-Full Circle
Jennifer Bolande
Jennifer Coates, Kit Kat
Jennifer Coates
Jeremy Coleman Smith, Shield
Jeremy Coleman Smith
Jesse Lambert, School Days #16
Jesse Lambert
Jesse Lambert, Water Droplets Repel
Jesse Lambert
Joan Linder, 4th Floor East Plug
Joan Linder
John Blee, Stone North
John Blee
John Powers, study for Crash
John Powers
John Powers, Cushion Burls
John Powers
Jonathan Podwil, Huey
Jonathan Podwil
Jonathan Podwil, Dictator (Head)
Jonathan Podwil
Joshua Smith, Untitled
Joshua Smith
Joyce Pensato, On the Run
Joyce Pensato
Joy Episalla, aerial view 2b A/P
Joy Episalla
Jules de Balincourt, Land of Many Uses
Jules de Balincourt
Karl England, Table7c.7
Karl England
Karl England, Table7c.3
Karl England
Kevin Andrew Curran, Astronaut / After Michelangelo's Pietà
Kevin Andrew Curran
Kevin Christy, Pride and Joy
Kevin Christy
Kristen Jensen, Untitled
Kristen Jensen
Ksenia Galiaeva, Untitled
Ksenia Galiaeva
Larissa Bates, Poas Volcano
Larissa Bates
Louise Fishman, Untitled
Louise Fishman
Louise Fishman, Untitled
Louise Fishman
Louise Fishman, Untitled
Louise Fishman
Lyle Ashton Harris, Man and Woman #2
Lyle Ashton Harris
Lyle Ashton Harris, The Watering Hole V
Lyle Ashton Harris
Man Bartlett, #class: suspension
Man Bartlett
Man Bartlett, Grazing
Man Bartlett
Marisa Olson, Time Capsule
Marisa Olson
Mark Morrisroe, Untitled (Paul H.)
Mark Morrisroe
Marni Kotak, "My First Snow" frosty coasters
Marni Kotak
Marni Kotak, Nautical Christmas Ornaments
Marni Kotak
Matthew Callinan, White Angel
Matthew Callinan
Matthew Craven, Battle Field
Matthew Craven
Matthew Deleget, Ghost Painting
Matthew Deleget
Meredith Allen, Kiddie Ride #62
Meredith Allen
Meredith Allen, sugar tales #7 (sunset)
Meredith Allen
Michael Williams, At Mr. McCook's
Michael Williams
Michelle Vaughan, I know things and you're wrong
Michelle Vaughan
Michelle Vaughan, Salty
Michelle Vaughan
Michelle Vaughan, Slurp
Michelle Vaughan
Michelle Vaughan, Untitled 1 (Philip IV of Spain)
Michelle Vaughan
Mike Paré and Mark Swanson, It Will Be The Same
Mike Paré and Mark Swanson
Nic Rad, Caleb Crain
Nic Rad
Noa Charuvi, Soldiers #8
Noa Charuvi
Paul P,  Untitled
Paul P
Polly Shindler, Golden Boat Ride
Polly Shindler
Quay Quinn Wolf, Dreamcatcher no. 3
Quay Quinn Wolf
Rico Gatson , Untitled (Share Croppers)
Rico Gatson
Ryan Sarah Murphy, Little Exhalations
Ryan Sarah Murphy
Sarah Peters, Séance
Sarah Peters
Sebastian Lemm, strata #3
Sebastian Lemm
Shanna Waddell, Marriage Sun
Shanna Waddell
Shinique Smith, Double Dahlia
Shinique Smith
Slava Mogutin, STH Kid
Slava Mogutin
Stacey Greene, Rorschach Striptease
Stacey Greene
Stacy Asher, Being Well
Stacy Asher
Teresa Moro, Wildlife (series)
Teresa Moro
Type A, Twins Project: Untitled (Eye)
Type A
Type A, Twins Project: Untitled (Legs)
Type A
William Powhida, sketch for I AM NOT BY MYSELF
William Powhida
William Powhida, Why You Should Buy Art
William Powhida
William Powhida, Persona
William Powhida
William Powhida, How The New Museum Committed Suicide with Banality
William Powhida
Wolfgang Tillmans, Indian corn and pomme granate
Wolfgang Tillmans
Xylor Jane, Felled Three
Xylor Jane