study for Crash

John Powers


galvanized cast iron
10.5 x 12.75 x 11.25 inches
Provenance: gift from the artist
Acquired: 2014


The artist has written, about some of his sculpture: “The minimalists made a fetish of non-pedestal ‘objects’ that rested directly on the floor or ‘reliefs’ mounted to the wall. Robert Morris asked ‘Why not put the work outside and further change the terms?’ – Recently I’ve been wondering how the terms would change if non-pedestal work was transplanted from the gallery to the domestic spaces of our homes.”

There is an extensive discussion of the artist’s work, “Crash”, at Grand Arts.

This is an excerpt from a piece published by MoMA PS1: “New York-based artist John Powers constructs sculptures with a single repeated module: wooden blocks cut to various sizes in the strict proportion of one by two by three. Key (2000) is constructed in accordance with basic principles: three blocks are balanced on point and all blocks meet at right angles. In Powers’ work, the volume of blocks articulate, but never subvert, a compositional whole. In Untitled (2002), the artist works with Styrofoam blocks to address color and its absence.”