Selections from the Hoggard Wagner Collection at English Kills Art Gallery

Jaishri Abichandani, Zeena Divani
Jaishri Abichandani
Yasser Aggour, Untitled (Cuban Virgin)
Yasser Aggour
Mike Asente, unknown (from the series "Aerial and Ground Explosions")
Mike Asente
Jules de Balincourt, Land of Many Uses
Jules de Balincourt
Tracey Baran, Because I'm a Girl
Tracey Baran
Clarina Bezzola, The Trout
Clarina Bezzola
Gregory Botts, Comic Sublime #3
Gregory Botts
Marco Breuer, Untitled (Eye)
Marco Breuer
Bruce High Quality Foundation, Pretzel
Bruce High Quality Foundation
Rupert Deese, Untitled
Rupert Deese
Wijnanda Deroo, Hotel Trinidad
Wijnanda Deroo
Alejandro Diaz, Untitled (Face)
Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz, Esta Galeria (from an ongoing series of cardboard signs)
Alejandro Diaz
Eric Doeringer, Lucky DeBellevue
Eric Doeringer
Matt Dojny, Ori I mi (my mind saves me)
Matt Dojny
Felix Droese, Dresden Yellow II
Felix Droese
Michael J. Dvorkin
Rochelle Feinstein, Artifact Context
Rochelle Feinstein
Amy Feldman, Puff
Amy Feldman
Louise Fishman, Untitled
Louise Fishman
Tom Fuhs, Untitled
Tom Fuhs
Ben Godward, Studio cup (eternal flame)
Ben Godward
Dan Golden, (three pieces intended as a triptych)
Dan Golden
Charles Goldman, Distance Painting (18')
Charles Goldman
Janine Gordon, Tight Butt
Janine Gordon
Keith Haring, United Nations - Fight AIDS Worldwide
Keith Haring
David Humphrey, Couples
David Humphrey
Margaret Lee, Katahdin
Margaret Lee
Sharon Louden, Rings
Sharon Louden
Michael Meads, Paul's Gun I-III
Michael Meads
Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Suitcase (diptych)
Deborah Mesa-Pelly
Teresa Moro, Wildlife (series)
Teresa Moro
Joe Ovelman, Untitled (#15 from the series, "Post It Notes")
Joe Ovelman
Joyce Pensato, Movie Mickey
Joyce Pensato
David Reed, Maine Color Study #9 (#380)
David Reed
Kim Schifino
Kim Schifino
Jason Simon, Composition for the Lincoln Tunnel #3
Jason Simon
Kiki Smith, Ave
Kiki Smith
Nancy Spero, Tattoo
Nancy Spero
Hiroshi Sunairi, EH-Putti
Hiroshi Sunairi
Wolfgang Tillmans, Indian corn and pomme granate
Wolfgang Tillmans
Clement Valla, Mechanical Turkers: draw three lines, draw a circle with the center at left end of the base that touches the right end of the base, connect it all together
Clement Valla
Michael Williams, At Mr. McCook's
Michael Williams
Robert Wilson, "The CIVIL WarS" (Act V, scene B, individual drawing No. 18)
Robert Wilson
Bryan Zimmerman
Bryan Zimmerman
unknown, unknown (Pat Hearn benefit drawing)

English Kills Art Gallery
114 Forrest Street, Ground Floor, 718-366-7323
Bushwick, Brooklyn
September 21 – October 28, 2012
Opening: Friday, September 21, 7-10 PM
Closing Party: Sunday, October 28, 5-7 PM

English Kills Art Gallery has installed a few dozen works from the Hoggard Wagner Art Collection in an exhibition which opens with a reception this Friday, September 21, 2012 from 7 to 10 pm.

Barry Hoggard and James Wagner, who share an interest in all of the arts, have assembled a large, very personal and extremely diverse collection of visual art begun modestly by Wagner ten years before the two met in 1991.

They began by acquiring a few works to enjoy in their own home, but very soon realized that part of that enjoyment came from supporting artists, galleries and non-profits which they believed should be encouraged. They were concerned, however, that there are limits to the number of people who could see the work they took into their home (and only a fraction of the collection can actually be displayed there). It was largely to make it accessible to as many people as possible, and for information purposes, that they created the Hoggard/Wagner Collection website.

For the same reason, the couple enthusiastically agreed to the suggestion of English Kills that a part of the collection itself be installed in Bushwick for six weeks. The Gallery alone is responsible for the choice of works displayed; the selection was made from among the 300+ pieces visible on the walls and surfaces of their home. There are approximately 600 more in flat files.

Hoggard and Wagner have never sold a single work from the collection and they do not intend to do so. No sale of any kind is involved in the English Kills exhibition.

Artists include: Nancy Spero, Keith Haring, David Reed, Wolfgang Tillmans, Clement Valla, Eric Doeringer, Sharon Louden, Felix Droese, Jules de Balincourt, Marco Breuer, Tom Fuhs, Bryan Zimmerman, Yasser Aggour, Michael J. Dvorkin, Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Jason Simon, Louise Fishman, Clarina Bezzola, Michael Meads, Mike Asente, Tracey Baran, Teresa Moro, Jaishri Abichandani, Rupert Deese, Alejandro Diaz, David Humphrey, Matt Dojny, Dan Golden, Gregory Botts, Rochelle Feinstein, Robert Wilson, Hiroshi Sunairi, Charles Goldman, Michael Williams, Wijnanda Deroo, Amy Feldman, Janine Gordon, Joe Ovelman, Kim Schifino, Joyce Pensato, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Margaret Lee, Ben Godward, Kiki Smith

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